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Moss Platform's account and entitlement management homepage is your command center for editing and managing project information, streamlining information aggregation, and crafting comprehensive digital enterprise profiles. It's designed to provide developers with the tools they need to maximize operational conversion results and tailor their project's presence to perfection.

Key Features of the Homepage:

  • Profile Customization: Update your project details, including name, logo, type, and description, to reflect your brand's identity and mission.

  • Login to Moss: Seamlessly input your NFT Domain and Wallet Address (MetaMask) for easy and secure access to the Moss ecosystem.

  • Official Links: Connect your audience to your official website, Twitter, Discord, Telegram,

Medium, and any other custom social media profiles, all from one centralized location.

  • Announcements and Articles: Utilize this space to highlight important information, announcements, and detailed articles that keep your subscribers informed and engaged.

  • Project Highlights: Showcase significant milestones, achievements, or your project's roadmap, highlighting your journey and future plans.

  • Team Members: Introduce your core team members with their names, avatars, and positions, fostering a sense of community and trust with your audience.

  • Events and Activities: Display ongoing task activities and events to encourage subscriber participation and engagement.

  • Permission Management: Efficiently set up sub-administrators within your team, configuring distinct permissions for each to enable collaborative work and effective platform management.

The Moss Platform is dedicated to empowering developers with the necessary tools and features to shape and enhance their project’s visibility and interaction within the Web3 space, creating a robust and dynamic digital presence.

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