Q4 2023 ~ Q1 2024: Seamless Connection Across Multiple Chains

  • Multi-chain Messaging Service: Dive into a world where your messages flow seamlessly across various blockchain networks, ensuring no conversation is ever siloed within the Moss ecosystem.

  • Subscription & Notification Hub: Stay updated with real-time alerts and subscribe to the channels that matter most to you, all within the Moss ecosystem.

  • Web2 Login & MPC Wallet Integration: Transition smoothly from traditional platforms with Web2 login capabilities and enjoy enhanced security with Multi-Party Computation (MPC) wallets.

  • Multiple Chains Integration: Experience unrestricted communication as Moss integrates with an array of blockchain networks.

  • Whitepaper & Tokenomics Release: Gain a deeper understanding of Moss's vision and the underlying economic model.

Q2 2024 ~ Q3 2024: Expanding the Moss Ecosystem

  • Moss Mainnet Launch: A significant milestone where Moss's full potential is unleashed on its own dedicated network.

  • App & Browser Plugin: Communicate effortlessly with our user-friendly app and browser plugin, designed for convenience and efficiency.

  • NFT Domain Marketplace: Trade and utilize unique NFT domains within the Moss ecosystem, personalizing your digital identity.

  • Enterprise & Multi-chain Mailbox: A robust solution for businesses and individuals alike, offering a unified mailbox for diverse blockchain communications.

  • Web3 Workspace: Transform your workflow with decentralized applications like Drive, Meeting, and Chat, all integrated into the Moss platform.

Q4 2024 ~ Q1 2025: Revolutionizing Engagement with MAIL2EARN

  • MAIL2EARN: Introducing a new paradigm where your engagement and attention are rewarded in the Moss ecosystem.

  • Marketing Hub: A targeted platform for marketers to reach the right audience, ensuring that every message is impactful and every campaign is a success.

  • Get Paid to Read: Change the way you interact with content by earning rewards for reading and engaging with messages.

  • Add & Bind Web2 Mailbox Accounts: Link your existing email accounts to Moss, bringing all your communications under one decentralized roof.

Q2 2025 ~ Q3 2025: Ultimate Control Over Your Digital Assets

  • Assets Dashboard: Manage and monitor all your digital assets in one place with an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard.

  • Assets Cross-chain Transfer: Enjoy the freedom to move your assets across different blockchains, breaking down barriers within the crypto space.

  • Anonymous Messaging Protocol: Communicate with peace of mind, knowing that your identity and messages are protected with state-of-the-art anonymity protocols.

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