7️⃣Token Economy

For the strategic distribution of the total supply of 17.3 billion $MOSS tokens for the Moss platform, the allocation is designed as follows to support long-term growth, user engagement, and ecosystem sustainability:

  1. Ecosystem Development (45%): 7,785,000,000 $MOSS

    • Purpose: Enhanced support for growth, scalability, user rewards, partnerships, and community initiatives.

    • Details: Increased allocation to further marketing efforts, community incentives, partnerships, and new feature developments.

  2. Team and Advisors (20%): 3,460,000,000 $MOSS

    • Purpose: Compensate and incentivize the team and advisors.

    • Details: Tokens subjected to a vesting schedule, e.g., a 4-year period with a one-year cliff.

  3. Reserve Fund (15%): 2,595,000,000 $MOSS

    • Purpose: Provide a safety net for unforeseen circumstances and ensure stability.

    • Details: For emergencies, unexpected market conditions, or new opportunities.

  4. Strategic Partnerships (12%): 2,076,000,000 $MOSS

    • Purpose: Establish and nurture strategic partnerships and collaborations.

    • Details: For strategic partners, industry leaders, and other platforms as part of collaboration deals.

  5. Public Sale (5%): 865,000,000 $MOSS

    • Purpose: Distribute tokens to the broader public and increase decentralization.

    • Details: Sold through various public sale rounds with clear terms and conditions.

  6. Research and Development (3%): 519,000,000 $MOSS

    • Purpose: Fund ongoing research and technological advancement.

    • Details: For hiring talent, researching new features, improving infrastructure, and ensuring security.

This allocation strategy aims to balance the immediate needs and long-term goals of the Moss platform, ensuring a sustainable and robust ecosystem. ​​

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