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Overview: Harness the Power of AI with Moss Platform's Subscriber Analytics The Moss Platform is revolutionizing how developers interact with and understand their audience. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Moss collects, analyzes, and categorizes wallet addresses of subscribed users. This process results in detailed user-profiles and establishes a dynamic tagging system based on multi-dimensional criteria, including on-chain assets, transaction records, and frequency.

Key Components of the Moss Subscriber Analytics:

  • Comprehensive Subscriber Information: View a detailed list of subscriber information, offering insights into registration times, wallet addresses, networks, tags, assets, and more. This rich data tapestry is essential for understanding your audience's behavior and preferences.

  • Customizable Subscriber Management: Tailor the management of subscribed addresses with precision. Segment tags and groups according to various criteria, allowing for the precise and targeted delivery of messages based on tags or groupings. This customization means your communication is always relevant and impactful.

  • Invitation Link: Share your unique subscription invitation link across Twitter, online communities, and other engagement hotspots. Integrate this link into your website’s subscription portal, enabling users to subscribe directly, bypassing the need for email registration.

  • Subscriber List with Enhanced Options: Go beyond the basics with options to create custom subtags, groups, star designations, blacklists, and removal lists. Your control over the subscriber list is extensive and intuitive, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your operational strategy.

  • Intelligent Tag Management: Benefit from a system that automatically scans user wallet addresses to generate subtags based on your customized criteria and intelligent recommendations. You also have the freedom to manually create tags and configure user groupings, offering an unparalleled level of detail in subscriber segmentation.

With Moss Platform's Subscriber Analytics, you gain a powerful tool that not only deepens your understanding of your audience but also enhances your ability to engage with them meaningfully. Dive into a world where each subscriber is more than a number — they're an opportunity to grow, engage, and succeed.

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