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The Moss Platform's Subscription Hub is a dynamic and comprehensive hub designed to keep you informed and connected. Here, users can personalize their information feed based on individual interests and preferences, ranging from coin listing announcements from Binance to updates from renowned influencers or UniSwap notifications. The system guarantees that users receive timely updates on any changes to their subscriptions and provides various channels for notification delivery, including browser pop-ups, Web2 emails, Telegram, and Discord. With this setup, users stay well-informed and never miss out on crucial updates.

Currently, the Subscription Hub is supported by participation from over 100 developers and partners across diverse sectors such as DIDs, Wallets, GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi Protocols, and Infrastructures, all utilizing the Moss messaging service. This service plays a pivotal role in building bridges between users and developers, breaking down barriers in Web3 communication and offering a secure platform for peer-to-peer interaction. Users are kept in the loop with real-time updates and exclusive insights and are rewarded for staying informed.

Key Features and Highlights:

  • Subscription Center: Discover a wide array of dApps registered with the Subscription Hub. Explore each project's profile, including subscription counts, descriptions, social media links, announcements, and events. With over 100 dApps listed, users can tailor their subscriptions to match their interests and stay abreast of the latest developments. The Moss Marketing Team thoroughly audits these dApps for authenticity, awarding verified ones a certification mark and enhancing their visibility.

  • Subscribed List: Effortlessly manage and view your subscriptions and notification history. Unsubscribe from topics that no longer resonate with your interests with just a few clicks.

  • Inbox-Subscription: Centralize all subscription-related messages. Receive notifications including announcements and marketing messages directly in your inbox. Unread messages are clearly marked, ensuring you're prompted to review them upon login. Rewards for reading certain messages and the ability to save favorites for easy access are just some of the perks.

  • Multi-Channel Notifications: Choose your preferred channels, like wallet addresses, emails, Telegram, Discord, or browser pop-ups, to receive notifications. Customize your alert system to ensure you never miss an important update.

  • Get Paid to Read: Engage with a unique feature that incentivizes you to receive advertisements. Earn token rewards for making your inbox available to advertisers and customize your preferences to control the reception of such content.

  • Multi-dimensional Monitoring: Benefit from sophisticated tracking technology that collects data and messages from a variety of on-chain and off-chain sources. Stay updated on everything from contract interactions and smart money movements to token price changes, new token listings, influencer updates, and airdrop events. Set customizable thresholds to filter and receive only the most pertinent information.

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